Hi There! 

I'm Vicki La Bouchardiere

  Executive coach, author, speaker, mother, dog-mother, doting granny, unofficial “wife”, and business owner.

  I’ve coached hundreds of clients from around the world since I became a full-time professional coach in 2008. My partner, Kevin, and I also own and run an award-winning accountancy practice from our home in Gillingham, Dorset.

  One of the things I often hear is, “I’ve never told anyone that before…”. If you’ve never been coached before, you’ll probably find yourself telling me things you’ve been embarrassed to admit to anyone else.

  It’s OK. Nobody's perfect, and everyone's struggling with something.

  That said, I’m not just your agony aunt.

  You can rage, vent, cry and wail, but I’ll expect you to do something about whatever's hacking you off, letting the tools I give you in our sessions work their magic.

  If you come back to me time and time again with the same old problems without taking action, I’ll advise you to stop wasting your money.

  On the other hand... if you’re seri­ous about regaining control of your work and home life within the next six months, you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, be honest with yourself and others, try new tactics and develop a fresh approach to life...

  ... then I'm the one you've been looking for.

  To work with me you must be:

  • Motivated to make changes NOW
  • Coachable and determined to change
  • Prepared to be totally upfront and honest with me
  • 100% committed to taking the actions we agree on
  • Able to laugh at yourself (I don’t work with boring buggers).

  If that's you, then take the next step and get in touch with me today.

  I’ll guide you from there.