It’s time to saddle up

September 11, 2023 in Courage, Goal Setting, Health & Fitness

It’s been one of my goals this quarter to go riding and also to go on six dates with Kev - so I combined them both and booked us in together. 

It’s only the second time Kev’s been on a horse. 

We last went together a few years ago in Malta, where we had a lovely sunset ride along the coast and he really enjoyed it, so I booked us in for a quiet hack on the Dorset heathland.

He said, “Are you sure you don’t want to go out on your own and do something more than plodding about?”

Honestly? I’m quite happy to go for a quiet ride. I just want to hang out with horses (and Kev, obviously). 

I did a lot of riding when I was a kid. I never owned a horse of my own, but rode every week at riding schools. 

When I chat to my mate who I rode with most regularly, we are amazed at how we kept our enthusiasm for riding, because we had some pretty hideous experiences on our regular weekend rides when we were little. 

I swear they nailed a “Riding Stables” sign over the original “Home for Homicidal Horses” wording. 

We were always being bolted off with, dumped into bushes, and bucked off by pissy ponies with flattened ears, flashing the whites of their eyes.

But we adored them. 

One of my lasting memories is being out in the woods, trying to get my steed to jump a fallen tree.

He refused but I carried on - dumped ungraciously on the other side of the log. 

Suddenly, he decided he did want to jump after all, and I still remember looking up his nostrils whilst he was in mid air and thinking “NOOOOOOOOO!” before he landed on me and left a horseshoe-shaped bruise on my chest that lasted for weeks. 

I wore that bruise with pride, though, because when I was seven horses were everything to me. 

When you’re passionate about something, it seems you’ll put up with any amount of discomfort.

That doesn't just apply to horse-mad seven-year-olds. 

It’s the reason why when you set big goals for yourself, you need to feel passionate about them.

You can’t go in half-arsed as it’s likely you’ll need to handle some discomfort around achieving them, because let’s face it, if things are really worth achieving then they probably won’t be easy. 

We’ll be taking our next group of clients through a goal-setting process at the start of the next 90 Day Breakthrough. 

You can email me for details. 

Are we really talking about the end of 2023? Hell yeah! Finish on a high!

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Vicki LaBouchardiere