Seeing things through different eyes

In May, Kev and I finally got to meet our team from the Philippines, Barbs and Raymond.

We spent a couple of days in London showing them around, then they stayed with us for the remainder of the week, while we showed them around the local area.

We did all kinds of things - The London Dungeons, Moulin Rouge the musical, an open bus tour around London, the Harry Potter Studios (Barb’s special request), the Cheddar Gorge caves, The Roman Baths in Bath, The SS Great Britain in Bristol…and Kev took them to see Stonehenge (Raymond’s special request) and the Purbeck coastline while I was coaching on Thursday.

We had a great time together!

Meeting Barbs and Raymond has been amazing. Although we speak to each other regularly over video calls, there has been no substitute for meeting each other in person - they even met Jenni, our new PA, so we all feel like a proper team now!

 It was also really interesting being tourists in our own country. Showing them around our cities and countryside made me really appreciate how special England is. 

I’ve been to London dozens of times in the past, but I felt as if I saw it through new eyes last week. 

It’s a beautiful city, and I never really noticed it before - I was always just rushing to get from one place to another without really taking it all in. 

Is there anything you aren’t noticing that you could appreciate with fresh eyes?

Your hometown? The people you work with? Your own talents and gifts? 

Your spouse, even?

Today could be the day to take a second look and see what you’re taking for granted…

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere