I found some amazing treasures when I sorted through a bunch of old boxes in the spare room last weekend.

This one was given to me by my beautiful daughter thankfully before she learned to spell properly:

I will treasure this forever for all the right - and especially the wrong - reasons!

I laughed my head off at the thought of being the BESTITS mum EVER!

I mean, normally after having three kids you wouldn’t expect to receive such an accolade, especially without surgery, but it fills my chest with gratitude every time I look at this card.

I’m grateful she took the time to make this for me all those years ago. 

I know I was dealing with mental health problems at the time. 

I still vividly remember the rock-bottom day I put her in her cot for a nap. 

Shaking, I went into the bathroom, picked up a bottle of bleach and stared at it, wondering how long it would take to kill me if I drank it.

I didn’t want to be alive any more. 

I was sick and tired of the struggle. 

Thankfully a little voice inside me encouraged me to reach out for help, so I put the bleach down and called the doctor instead, and made a steady recovery from there. 

I know it was tough on my family at times dealing with my anxiety and black moods. 

My mental health problems lasted for most of Paris’ childhood, bless her. It started a few months after she was born, and carried on until she was almost 9. 

There were times when I thought I was a really shit mum because I didn’t have the energy to be a Super Mum, but she thought I was smashing the mum goals and this card is proof!

LIfe’s full of ups and downs - some worse than others.

If you know of someone having a tough time, a little bit of support and encouragement can go a long way. 

If you’re having a tough time yourself, then remember you don’t have to be Super Human for people to love and appreciate you. 

You just need to keep going and get out the other side…

(Sent with love to two clients I know are having an especially tough time right now - you know who you are. Somebody thinks you’re the BESTITS, too!)  

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere