Would you hike in shiny boots?

Last Easter Sunday, I had a great day entertaining the family at home and making a little easter egg hunt for the grandchildren. It was the first year that 18 month old Rory had been able to participate in the hunt, and he was more interested in playing with buckets and water than hunting eggs, but Flo did a great job of finding all the eggs. 

My day was spent cleaning in the early morning, then cooking, then playing with the kids later in the day. A pretty easy day, really, or so I thought. 

However, by the time everyone had gone home, I extracted my feet from my boots with a groan. They were really sore from where the seam of my tights had been rubbing on the inside of them.

When I looked at my smart watch at the end of the day, I noticed I’d managed to clock up five and a half miles worth of steps! Five and a half miles just walking around my house and on the small front lawn where the eggs were, and it’s not like I live in a mansion or anything!

When I take Eddie on walks, I tend to think of five miles as a reasonable length for an everyday hike. I put on workout clothes and make sure my socks feel nice and comfortable inside my trusty fell-running trainers. 

I certainly wouldn’t dream of setting out on a five mile walk wearing a pair of tights and my best shiny boots, and yet somehow I managed to do just that on Sunday. 

It’s no wonder my dogs were barking by the end of it!

Do you ever do the equivalent in your life? 

Do you forget to examine the big picture of your week, and find yourself uncomfortable or burned out at the end of it? 

Are you giving yourself everything you need to get the best out of yourself, whether it’s scheduling in rest time, making sure you’re using the best equipment for the job, or simply ensuring you’re working in the best environment to get jobs done?

Sometimes, we can be so task focused that we forget to see where we’re holding ourselves back. 

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere