I swallowed my pride…

May 28, 2024 in ADHD, Health & Fitness

Ego is a funny thing. 

It can prevent you from accepting the help you need. 

One of the ways ADHD affects my life is that it really messes with my ability to take pills on the right day and at the right time. 

I don’t take a lot of pills - just three vitamins/supplements in the morning and my one pill for my hormone replacement treatment at night, but still I manage to f*ck it up. 

Sometimes, I’ll forget altogether. Sometimes, I’ll take a double dose. Sometimes, I’ll look at the packets and have no idea whether I’ve taken them or not. Occasionally, I’ll take Kev’s pills thinking they were mine (this only happens in the morning because thankfully he doesn’t take HRT!) 

I’ve known for a long time now that a dosette box would be an obvious answer for this problem. 

A dosette box is a series of little boxes with the days of the week written on it, and little compartments to put medication in. 

Nothing groundbreaking, and potentially very useful, however I’ve been resisting owning one for the longest time because I associate them with:

  • Tartan shopping trolleys

  • Towelling toilet seat covers

  • Tena pants

  • Bingo

  • Tapioca pudding

  • Heated two-feet-into-one-slipper foot warmers

  • Dentures in a glass by the bed

  • Coach holidays to Blackpool

As you can see - all completely illogical, irrational bullshit, but it was standing in the way of me embracing a tried and tested system of pill-taking-accuracy. 

So, last week I swallowed my pride and ordered three boxes (two for Kev and me to keep in the kitchen for our morning supplements, and one upstairs in the dressing room for night time HRT).

The picture on Amazon made them appear small and discrete, and I had to laugh when I opened them because they’re roughly the size of a row of seven wheelie bins, but they’ve taken all the guesswork out of my pill-taking activities, and they even give me a really good heads-up for when I need to order more (something else I was a bit crap at remembering to do). 

Obviously, you might not have fragmented attention like mine if you own a normal brain, but is there anything in your life you’re not asking for help with because you’re associating getting help with weakness or some other illogical thought pattern?

That can happen to anyone.

Is it time to swallow your own pride and get some help? 

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere