One of the rare things that gets worse the more you spend

May 28, 2024 in Confidence Coaching, Courage

Have you ever heard of Room 101? In popular culture it refers to things we’d happily put in a room to be banished for all time. It’s from George Orwell's novel  “1984” - the prison chamber used by the Ministry of Love as a last resort to break down those with whom they are “working.” In this room, the prisoner's worst fears are manifested. In “1984” the protagonist’s fear is being trapped and unable to get away from rats. 

I’d put hotel light switches into Room 101. Weirdly, the more you spend on a room the more fecking complex and annoying they become. 

They often make no sense at all - a weird web of switches placed strategically throughout the room that often have no logical connection to the location of the bulb they are switching on and off. 

Then, you get the curve-balls - when you have finally put all switches through their paces in a trial and error game of “Can’t See” v “Melting Retinas”, the one last bulb you want to turn off - the bedside lamp - is operated via a completely different system ie. not a switch on the wall but a simple old fashioned button on the light fitting itself. 

Hotel lighting systems do my swede, and I usually end up taking bulbs out in desperation or beating light fittings off the wall with a stiletto. 

The more expensive the hotel, the more elaborate and counterintuitive the switches seem to be.  I reckon I’m going to just wear a head torch to the next 5* I stay in.

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere