I thought I’d made a big mistake, but 20 years later everything is looking good

I’ve had a few questions about my hair in the recent “Pammy from Happiness Inc” videos - did I do the videos a few years ago, have I cut my hair, or did I make the videos drunk?

The answer is no to all those things:

It’s a wig. 

Quite an expensive wig, in fact. 

I bought it in Selfridges about 20 years ago for £150. (£1 in 2003 = £2.02 today - eek!)

I bought it when I was very drunk. 

This didn’t happen on the same drunk London shopping trip I wrote about a few months ago when I bought my Gucci boots. 

I went on many drunk shopping trips in my younger years, and I almost always ended up bringing home something very expensive and completely useless. 

I only actually wore that wig once in public. 

My friend bought one, too, on the day we went to see Michael Buble at the Royal Albert Hall. 

(So, basically, drunk Pammy went to see Bubes! Dear God…)

In the half time interval, my friend and I went to the Royal Albert loos and stood and looked at each other. 

The lunchtime drinking session had worn off, and we were in a semi hungover state, feeling very hot, sweaty and itchy in our wigs. 

“This was a mistake, wasn’t it?” I winced

“Damn right” said my mate, “What were we thinking?”, and we both pulled the wigs off and stuffed them in our bags ready for the second half of drooling over Mike in his snappy suit and shiny shoes. 

Until now, I saw the wig as a very expensive mistake, but one I now feel is fully justified as I can now take Pammy to work with me. 

Things have a funny way of working out for the best if given enough time. 

I am in no way condoning drunk shopping - it’s very wrong on so many levels and I hope you feel more inspired by my recent foray into the world of alcohol-free beer than my past escapades - but I do hope you appreciate the coaching lesson that no matter how bad things feel, or how much of a tit you make of yourself at times, it’s all part of life and we learn and grow from the bad things as much as the good, in fact, we probably we learn more from the mistakes. 

The author 

Vicki LaBouchardiere